Pavers & Patios

Outdoor Living

Many companies can offer pavers, but Winesett Nursery truly specializes in custom designed layouts that incorporate the most creative and functional aspects needed to tie in the scale and architecture of your home or business.

As more and more people discover the enjoyment of outdoor living, one of the top priorities is often the construction of a walkway, patio, pool area or a place where they can relax. This area becomes an attractive outdoor room for work or play. It is a place to read the Sunday paper, eat a meal, play with the children, enjoy the sun, or entertain friends.

Outdoor living space is an important asset, increasing the value of a home as well as reclaiming unused areas of lawn and garden. The selection of the color and texture of the pavers can be chosen to blend with the tone and scale of the house. A patio, walkway or garden wall can connect the house with various parts of the landscape and define spaces within the yard. Pavers truly complete your home and landscaping while offering affordability, strength, and durability.

Pavers offer a wide variety of choices with the many sizes, shapes, colors, designs and patterns available. Combine this with a slip resistant surface and attractive finishes, pavers are one of the most versatile products available. Individual pavers can also be replaced at anytime, making repairs easy and affordable.

Another option we offer is concrete overlay pavers. These are thin pavers of around 1-inch thick that can be used for covering existing concrete to easily dress up your hardscape. The following pictures show a before and after example of a concrete overlay paver installation. Take a look at out Pavers & Patios portfolio below.