Outdoor Lighting

Why install landscape lighting?

Professional outdoor lighting can achieve the goals of safety, security, and nighttime usability in a subtle and elegant approach without making your home and landscape too bright or distracting. Our goal is to illuminate the distinct features of the architecture of your home and landscaping to bring depth and meaning to the nighttime outdoor experience of your property.

Cast is our offered chosen lighting product because of solid bronze construction and extreme durability. Bronze fixtures are unmatched in performance and look due to the way it weathers so beautifully, turning to a greenish blue patina over time. Since the fixtures are solid bronze, there are no coatings or paint that could be worn off over time, unlike other makes. The other components to our lighting systems include stainless steel transformers and marine grade wire to ensure your investment has the highest level of lasting durability. There truly is not a higher quality landscape lighting product available!

On top of the incredible warrantied product we offer, our certified installers ensure timely installation and minimal disturbance to the property. We are a Class A licensed contractor and fully insured with first class equipment to get the job done right! Let us meet with you to create the outdoor lighting experience you've been dreaming of! Take a look at our portfolio of lighting design below.